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Mouth ulcer and acne are becoming a habit ...

Will protect you

  7 ingredients


On my cheek
There are some stains (tears).

Some have increased recently
It's been around for quite some time
Some of them are getting lighter in color.

The latter stain is
I will never forget
It's sometime Golden Week.

While the sunny weather continues,
To enjoy the remaining snow
It was made right after I went to the slopes.

Reflection of light from the snow surface,
On the slopes where the sunlight is dazzling,
Inadvertently sunscreen,
I thought it was because I forgot to apply it ...

What I noticed after learning the medical examination
Light (ultraviolet rays) is just a trigger,
The cause in the first place is
I always kept it in my wear pocket,
Wasn't it chocolate or candy? That is.

I chose that
We have made a booklet of 7 ingredients that protect you (* Ü *)

↓ You can receive the booklet just by registering your e-mail address!



* A booklet (PDF) will be sent to the registered e-mail address within 24 hours after registering the e-mail address. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check the junk e-mail folder once and take the trouble again, but please let us know using the inquiry form .

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