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[Type 2] Muchimuchi solid type


"Constitution" due to the environment of birth & childhood

It is a fat type that is closer to positive.

Judging from the movement of human constitution in life,

It is the same as the constitution of early childhood (around 1 to 6 years old).

There is vitality, like "Leave everything!"

I think there are many people who take good care of themselves and are like "bride who can do it".

Often I love to eat, meat and fish,

Due to the large intake of animal foods such as dairy products, the salt content is also excessive.

It is easy to fall into overdrinking and eating, and there is a high possibility that there is a strong tendency for vegetable shortages.

Cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and

Inflammation of the liver and kidneys,

It is also necessary to pay attention to cancers such as the uterus and large intestine.

The measures will change depending on the yin and yang of the physical condition at that time,

Refrain from eating a lot of animal foods

Mix brown rice with wheat and cook, etc.

Brown rice with a little negative should feel better.

Many people have eaten a lot of animal foods, so

Porridge and udon with vinegared rice and vegetables,

Noodles such as cold wheat and somen are also recommended.

Vegetables that are more negative and curry that contains a lot of spices

Because this type feels delicious

Soups and curries with lots of mushrooms and vegetables.
You can also cut off the salt on a regular basis.


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