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Add LINE @ as a friend and

【free! List of recommended ingredients by organ] Let's get it!

2) In addition, and send a "your name" in the message,

Only for those who have registered LINE @!

You can receive [Constitution 5 Type Checker] within 24 hours!

[Constitution 5 Type Checker]

By answering simple questions,

Unravel the " your constitution" that you have by nature.

Once you know your constitution
Foods that should be the staple food of everyday meals
2) You can check the symptoms you want to be careful about and the points of eating.

By clarifying these,

Skin problems (spots and wrinkles, moles and sagging, dullness, etc.), Dari prevent in advance, the "Your unique tricks" to keep the beautiful skin, be able to grab? Maybe.

You can receive it for free , so please give it a try!

1) [Consultation Lab] Add LINE @ as a friend and it's free! You will receive organ another recommended food list!

※ Although Indeed excuse me, despite giving me the message your name, [constitution 5Type checker] is, if you do not receive within 24 hours, We apologize for the fingers, the following e-mail address or, in the inquiry form, News Please give me.

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