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I'm aoki, a researcher who wants to eat more than anyone else.

Produce energy with food!
From the condition of hands, feet, face, etc.
Determine the condition of internal organs!
I'm Aoki, a researcher of "Wishing".

In his late 30s, after removing a colon polyp, he renewed his past lifestyle. I attended a macrobiotic school that I happened to find and completed a normal course and a medical chef course. Under the guidance of the chief instructor of the normal department, study the medical examination course. You can feel the improvement of your physical condition with a meal centered on brown rice.

We are working to spread "hospitality" and "dietary diet" as a medical health management method for homes that does not rely on hospitals or medicines as much as possible.

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・ Is the cause of colorectal polyps due to lifestyle?

When I had a polyp in my large intestine, I was about 5 kg heavier than my current weight, my cheeks were shiny (rich in fat), and I often had pimples around my mouth, about once every two weeks. So I was suffering from mouth ulcer. I remember that my communication was getting worse day by day. From some time ago, migraines and menstrual cramps became a habit once a month, so I took it for granted.

At that time, I often eat out because of my busy work and the small kitchen, and I often go to chain stores and restaurants in the neighborhood 24 hours a day, and the money I earned by working hard disappears into their consumption.

Sometimes when I cook, I eat bread, coffee, wiener and omelet. An on-parade of menus seasoned with processed products and seasonings containing additives that are easy to eat without vegetables or rice. The cooking time was shortened.

When it comes to holidays, I spend half a day sleeping because I'm tired. I used to go to the gym from time to time, but I only need to go to the gym once a week. It was also an extreme lack of exercise.

Looking back now, I think I was living a life to get sick. It may be because the large intestine wasn't strong in the first place, but since I'm living like this, I can unconsciously think that I wanted to get sick.

What I realized when I found out that something was wrong with my body was that if I didn't renew the habits that caused the illness, I would eventually succumb to the same illness.
Possibly, it will take more damage than the first one.

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・ When you decide, it starts to move

If you remove it, it's okay if you erase it, and if you take medicine, it will be manageable. If you certainly have a surplus of money and can invest money and time in them, that may be the way to go.

Unfortunately, fortunately, I can't afford it myself.

Then what should we do? The conclusion I thought was to strengthen myself and restore my original healthy body.

Curiously, as soon as I made that decision, I came across a macrobiotic diet, and I am still here. The encounter is sudden. But it may not be a coincidence.

To put it simply, macrobiotics are brown rice-based foods that have been spread not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, and Africa by the founder, George Ohsawa, based on the I Ching of the Orient. It is a philosophy that can be said to be nourishment and the order of the universe. After learning this way of thinking, it has become a little easier to live. It's also fun.

Plus, I started thinking about what to eat, how much to eat, and how long to cook them, so I'm feeling better and I've had almost no mouth ulcers, pimples, migraines or menstrual cramps. I've been in my 40s for a long time, but I've had some experience of not losing weight with diet foods, but now I'm keeping around 163 cm 49 kg without any particular consciousness.

When I was a child, I was a large family of 9 people in my 3rd generation, so the competition between food and TV channels was fierce. I wonder if it was because I grew up in such an environment that when I found something that looked delicious, I was a glutton who gave top priority to eating, and the place where I gave up the TV channel from the beginning.

It is said to be a country of gastronomy, and although the average life expectancy is in the 80s, the healthy life expectancy is in the 70s. If possible, eat deliciously and enjoyably, and be full of energy while you are alive! We are working to produce Genki with food so that more families can enjoy such happiness.

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