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Online medical care program

Do you think that anti-acne measures are facial cleansers, lotions, and ointments?

I sometimes get red acne around my left cheek.
And often when it foretells the onset of a stuffy nose.

Most people come up with anti-acne measures
"Facial cleanser", "toner", "painting", etc.
Most of the care is from the outside of the skin.

In the first place, acne can be created even if it is not necessary.
It is also not necessary for naturally healthy skin.
At the consultation (Yoshin), acne and pimples are
Excretion of unnecessary things (= waste products) that have accumulated in the body
I'm seeing.

in retrospect,
The red acne on my left cheek is usually
You can do it about the next day or later after losing the temptation of sweet bread and cookies and eating too much.

I would like to tell you about such "acne" and "pimples" that can occur before you know it.


Acne is not just "rough skin", SOS from your own internal organs

If you become familiar with these,

  • You can see "anti-acne measures" that you do not have to rely on cosmetics or medicine.

  • "It 's easier to predict the root cause of acne, " so you can find out how to approach the body and how to prevent it in advance.

  • As a result, "visceral organs (mainly digestive organs)" will be worked on.
    It has the potential to "rejuvenate the skin itself."

  • Furthermore, as a by-product, you can see your tendency to fall into it, so
    Before it's important enough to go to the hospital
    You can see the idea of ​​resetting.


Acne is not just "rough skin"
Since it is
SOS from your own internal organs,
The habit of working on your internal organs,
We recommend switching to genuine anti-acne measures.

As I wrote on my profile page,
In the first place, it was the opportunity to acquire this knowledge.
Because of my own poor physical condition (because I had a colon polyp).
The reason is that the usual communication has stopped appearing.

Not limited to familiarity
Only when the important things are gone

It is often noticed .
Because there is no communication for a long time
The strong appetite that I always ate is gone,

I remember being extremely anxious.

I can't say that a person who is more gluttonous than usual is "good",

Being in the "normal" and "normal" state

How grateful it is ?
It was an opportunity to regain that feeling.

It's strange that I started working on the large intestine!
To your skin,
you acne went on behalf of the beautiful skin that can not be little.

Three points to watch out for

When you have acne

The important point to be careful is

There are about three.

  1. Where did you get acne? Check
    Where you can, your weakness,
    Guess the organs that may be weak in the first place.

  2. What color of acne did you get and how did you get it? Check
    The color of acne is
    Because it shows the excess ingredients of what I ate soon

    It is an important factor to look back on what is the cause.

  3. Then what do you do? Decide measures
    To find out the root cause of acne,
    Repeating Try & Error is the only way.
    And the answer is "inside me."
    To face your own body firmly
    It's an important point.

Acne is not just "rough skin", it is SOS from internal organs.
It's never too late!
Would you like to start the habit of working on your internal organs together?


By taking the [Consultation Online Program], you can ...

  • It makes it easier to predict the root cause of acne, so you can find out what to do when you get acne and what you can do to make it harder to get acne. As much as you spend money and time on superficial measures (cosmetics and face washing), you will be able to use them as real measures against the root cause.

  • Acne measures, since the result in the "internal organs (mainly the digestive organs)" to be Negirawaru, becomes a free flight, along with the potential to become a hard structure that can Niki-bi, the skin itself is not even hidden possibility that rejuvenated I will.

  • In order to understand their own fall prone, makes it easier to do the physical condition management, as a result, to reset their own body in front of the state to go to the hospital, you will Kizukeru so.

  • It is possible to plus these knowledge in their fields of expertise, per only the skills of multiplication, to other people so that the self-minute own Negirawaru habit Moteru, you might get used to people reportedly

  • The medical examination itself, although there are some changes, does not change with the times, but it is also a lifelong "wisdom" . Not himself but also to the important partners and your family and descendants, will be a treasure product Ikeru continues to tell.

  • You will not be swayed by other people or the surrounding environment, and you will be able to hold your own axis firmly, so you will be able to spend your days happily.

First of all, every morning, before putting on makeup
The features of your face and their changes
Even from the point of checking carefully
Let's get started!

Online consultation program (contents are subject to change)


Chapter1: In "Basics of Medical Care"
What is a medical examination? From such a place, the world's view of "the order of the universe", which preaches the way of thinking to avoid an unnatural way of life, changes drastically! From the "12 theorems of yin and yang," which are also the three pillars of diet, you can learn basic knowledge about the differences in yin and yang of constitution, the whole thing, and the way of thinking of the earth and soul at your own pace.

Chapter2: In "Food"
Learn about the general yin and yang of food, such as recent changes in eating habits, how to cook and cut ingredients, how to choose seasonings and how to interact with foods you want to avoid.

Chapter3: In "Kyusei Kigaku"

Nine stars are stars by year of birth, such as "Ichihaku Mercury," "Nikuro Saturn," and "Sanbi Jusei," which are posted at the shrine of Hatsumode. We will welcome Professor Kiyomi Noda, who is active in New York, as a guest lecturer to learn from the idea of ​​"Kyusei Kigaku", which is also a breakthrough in human relations, to the zodiac signs, nine stars, and moon life stars. By making Kusei Kigaku your own, you can easily reduce the friction of human relationships and shift to a more fulfilling daily life by knowing the flow and characteristics of your own and surrounding fortunes in advance.

Chapter4: In "Guidance by Symptomatology"

Learn about the symptoms that appear at the ends of the body, such as the face, hands, and feet, and the way of thinking and guessing of yin and yang depending on the type and condition. It will be the content to make the consultation more practical.

Chapter5 : In "Guidance by Organ"

You will learn the knowledge of nursing care based on the ideas of the Ying-Yang Five Elements, such as the functions of the digestive organs by organ, their characteristics, and their relationship with the Ying-Yang and the seasons.

Chapter7: In "Self-analysis & Practice"

Based on what you learned in Chapters 1 to 5, you will actually examine your constitution and physical condition, determine the diet that suits you, and experience the diet. By holding an online tea party, we will also hold a reflection meeting and review the diet.

7 benefits

When you participate in the program, you will receive the following participation and graduation benefits.

(Benefits are subject to change)

Participation privilege 1: Easy! Dietary recipe

Even people who are not very good at cooking can receive "food recipes" that are relatively easy to make and difficult to fail.

Participation privilege 2: Unlimited viewing of videos

Even after graduating, you can watch all the videos in the program as a review for the next 3 months.

Therefore, even after graduation, you will be able to firmly learn the parts that you have left behind.

Participation privilege 3: 10% discount on name appraisal

Each "name" has a mission to be nominated.

Knowing your name deeply is also a great hint for finding yourself. This appraisal is especially recommended for those who cannot take a step and are looking for what they want to do.

Participation privilege 4: Free invitation to vibrio mancy experience meeting

This is a recommended experience session for people who like fortune-telling, those who tend to get lost in making decisions, and those who like books.

"Vibrio mancy", whose keyword is "book", has something in common with the idea of ​​"consultation" that "the answer is in you". This experience will be an important item for having a "self-centered" that does not depend too much on others.

Graduation benefits 5: Join the community

You can continue to participate in community chat for a limited time of 3 months after graduation. This community plans to create an environment where colleagues who are interested in medical examinations can work hard by sharing information and exchanging opinions. There are various ways of thinking about it, such as the constitution, physical condition, symptoms and conditions of ten people. And it takes time to grow with one person's experience and experience alone. You can use it as a place for each to grow together without being isolated.

Graduation privilege 6: Free text re-examination ticket (1 time)

I was not good at writing sentences, but I have been able to write sentences so far because of various experiences. As an instructor and customer support, I have a history of creating sentences, materials, manuals, etc., sometimes one-on-one, sometimes for thousands of customers, and sometimes for my boss. You cannot "proofread" newspapers and books, but if you wish, check the text as a business document, as a text to be posted on the homepage, as a blog article, as a message to be sent to customers, etc. , From my point of view, I will check it for free.

(Regarding the number of pages of reprints and the limit on the number of characters, we may set rules later.)

Graduation privilege 7: One spot consultation (60 minutes)

If you wish, we will limit the content to what the instructor can tell you, but for consultations such as store debut, web production, SNS distribution, etc., we usually offer spot consulting for 5,000 yen for 60 minutes once for free I will do it. (Depending on the content of the consultation, it may not be available)

It is not always "it is better to spend time and effort cooking!"

For example, in Chapter 2, you will learn about "food" in general,

What kind of ingredients should be cooked and how should they be eaten? Because you can learn

  • Stewed dishes are safe

  • There is no doubt if you eat root vegetables

  • If you cook brown rice and eat it, that's fine

From the judgment that beginners are likely to fall into

Depending on your physical condition and condition of the day

  • Let's eat raw vegetable salad with cabbage today!

  • Brown rice may be cooked in an electric jar.

  • Let's lighten the seasoning today

  • Let's make the stew time longer than usual today!

We will shift to judgments for intermediate and advanced users.

You will learn how to choose ingredients, how to wash, and how to choose cooking utensils.

Did you know that there are at least two causes of constipation?

In Chapter 4, to learn the yin and yang of "symptoms"

You can see that there are two types of measures for constipation.

  • One is constipation that does not come out easily because it is hard and rolling.

  • Two are normal stools or loose constipation that does not come out easily

There are two types of "symptoms", yin and yang.
Also, keep in mind that the degree of this depends on the person's constitution and physical condition.
By identifying and dealing with them, you may be able to shorten the duration of constipation.

About participation fee

Why did you get acne there by participating in this program? You will be free from the acne you were suffering from.

By gaining lifelong "wisdom" that does not change with the times, you may become a person who can convey them.

The cost of getting rid of the worries of acne and other rough skin and gaining the wisdom of a lifetime will not be high even at "500,000 yen", "600,000 yen", or "300,000 yen".

However, I would like to set the participation fee for this program to "299,980 yen".

Now in the spring discount campaign!

Until Friday, April 16, 2021

[Participation fee]
299,980 yen 249,980 yen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I take the course immediately after applying?

→ No. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will inform you about the start of the course again after you apply.

(Please be assured that you will not be required to pay the tuition fee before the class starts.)
→ rough flow after your application here (steps up to open a dedicated page)

Q2: Can payments be split?

→ Yes. The payment method is "paypal only", but you can choose the number of payments from one-time payment, two-time payment, three-time payment, and twelve-time payment.

Q3: Is it possible to stop in the middle?

→ Basically, it is not possible. However, we will guarantee 30 days from the day you start participating in the program. If you decline within 30 days, please let us know.

We will give you a full refund. Subsequent offers will not be accepted. Please pardon.

Q4: Is there a deadline for participation?

→ Yes. It will be one year from the date of application for participation.

Q5: Can I participate without a computer?

→ Yes. You can participate if you have an internet connection environment and a medium (smartphone, etc.) that you can connect to. However, the internet connection fee will be borne by the participants. Please participate from a place and carrier that has an internet connection environment such as Wifi.
In addition, if the purchase time of the medium you are using is extremely old (OS or carrier support has ended, etc.), you may not be able to play the video of the program, and it may be difficult to participate.

What you can understand by learning

The following is a brief summary of what you can learn by studying the seven chapters of [Online Caregiver Course].

  • Or less likely it is acne, or stain is thinner, nasolabial is or becomes shallow, diet effect can be expected, such as, you know how to find the measures with hidden their potential.

  • Find out how to find the cause of your habitual illness, such as mouth ulcers, mild headaches, and stiff shoulders, without having to go to the hospital.

  • You can learn how to choose and cook ingredients that suit you, your partner, and your family's physical condition and constitution.

  • You can find out how to predict weakened organs by the symptoms (acne, age spots, moles, wrinkles, color, hardness, shape, etc.) that appear on the ends of the body, face, hands, and feet.

  • Himself and partners, and how is your family to predict the fall-prone lifestyle-related diseases, and Ri young and upright way of measures related to food.

  • You will find out how to be physically and mentally healthy so that you can have your own axis, free from the worries of relationships and being swayed by the information around you.

Learning from home care "= reviewing eating habits" is
Not just about the body

It is a program that frees your mind.

With the goal of "anti-acne measures" that is different from the past
Take a step toward good physical and mental health
Would you like to step out together?

It will be your lifelong item ...

<Please note the following points>
Just because you learned "caregiver", you cannot learn the knowledge of curing other people's illnesses like a doctor.
In addition, "consultation" itself does not mean "this is always the case".
The curriculum is designed so that you can grasp your own physical condition to some extent.
We cannot respond to requests for diagnosis or cure of current symptoms.
Please apply only if you understand this.

Program participation application form

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