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Please apply at least 3 days before the course date .

When I see my face in front of the mirror, I want to go back to that time! Have you ever thought so?

My "forehead" is honest, and the next day after drinking too much, my eyebrows are dusting or blushing. This is the "overdrinking warning" that the forehead teaches (bitter smile)

First of all, I would like to tell you about the "Check points for skin problems" that I always tell you in the Yoshishin course.

By knowing the medical examination, you can understand the root cause of skin troubles, so you can choose what you really need without being at the mercy of the information in the world. ..

The "skin problems" that many women are worried about are not just "skin" problems.


Online course has started!

It was a diet that I started as a measure against colorectal polyps (a method of adjusting the physical and mental condition with food), but the acne and mouth ulcer that I had begun to worry about in my thirties almost disappeared, the stains became thinner, and the nasolabial fold Now in my late 40s, it's less noticeable.
As a result, I feel that my skin has rejuvenated because I have taken care of my intestines.

The following three points are important check points for medical examinations.

  • What do you care about on your face? Check the part!

  • Check the symptoms specifically whether it is the opening of pores, all the blackheads, red acne, or spots.

  • Check the timing when they appeared!

"Skin troubles" that are examined by a medical examination (Yoshin) begin with predicting the weakness of internal organs based on these Check points. Predict the root cause of "skin troubles" and learn how to approach the inside of the body. The purpose is to allow you to choose what you need now.

It's not too late now!

When you wash your face in front of the mirror in the morning, are there any more acne, age spots, moles, wrinkles, etc. that you did not have on your face yesterday? Let's start self-face check from such a viewpoint!

When you were a baby, you also had smooth, shiny skin


Aside from the moles and blemishes that have existed since childhood, looking back on when I was a baby, everyone should have had smooth, shiny skin with few of them. Spots, moles, acne, etc. are not necessary or need to be present . The they can be, there is a "reason" in its own way.

Spots, moles and acne are one of the things that increase with age.

In other words , it is also a manifestation of "waste products" that accumulate in the body with age .

For example, looking at my example, before I begin the ShokuYo, is when I was just able to colon polyps, acne around the stomatitis and mouth (from the bottom of the nose to the chin) had made good. In particular, repeat mouth ulcer once every two weeks and keep an ointment on hand. After gaining knowledge of medical examinations and diet, I learned that these symptoms are SOS, which represents the overuse of the digestive organs (stomach, intestines, etc.) due to "overeating."

After knowing that, when those symptoms appear, by consciously adjusting the number of times to eat, the amount and things to eat, and taking measures such as including dried plums in the mouth , those symptoms will be shorter than before. I realized that I was pulling. Now that I am conscious of my diet, I can only get acne around my mouth when I eat too much, and my mouth ulcer has almost disappeared . I no longer need the ointment that I had on hand.

If you know these before you have colorectal polyps ...

If before it can colon polyps, if you know these, you might did not lead to up to remove the polyp.

・ As a result of the annual health examination, some anxious symptoms appeared.

・ Symptoms of concern such as spots, wrinkles and acne on the face

・ Symptoms such as mouth ulcer and constipation that are not enough to go to the hospital are becoming a habit.

・ Regular illness such as hay fever, migraine and menstrual cramps

・ It's getting harder to get rid of tiredness

・ Rough skin continues and makeup is getting worse

What section do you think of?


After removing the colorectal polyps, I made a major review of my lifestyle and became able to have a habit of working for myself. As a by-product, mouth ulcers and acne have almost disappeared, the nasolabial fold has become thinner, and menstrual cramps and migraines have almost disappeared. Plus, I keep my height 163 cm and weight 49 kg without being conscious of my body shape.

The habit is very simple,

  1. What, when and where was it made? Check daily

  2. What kind of life did you live just before that? Looking back

  3. What and how do you eat depending on the cause, constitution, and physical condition? Decide for yourself

Check for symptoms that appear at the ends of your body and have a reset habit to get a healthy intestine, skin and mind !

In the [Clinical Examination Course *], why did you have spots, moles, wrinkles, and acne that appear on the ends of your face and body? You can learn the general root causes and how to deal with specific foods.

It's difficult to get back to your teenage skin, but remember your 30's skin!

Maybe I can still go back? Because it may be.

* The consultation itself is not something that is "always like this", but we recommend that you use it as a means of "beauty" and "health management" for yourself and your family.


When he had a colorectal polyp, he decided to "improve his constitution" and came across a macrobiotic diet of brown rice vegetarian diet. We are working to teach the "desired examination (inferring the condition of internal organs from the condition of the end of the body)" that we learned there to those who have similar poor physical condition. (Lecturer: Aoki)

Voices of participants (The number of consultation times exceeded 125 times ! The number of participants exceeded 269 ! As of October 2020)


We will also introduce a capture of reviews from students at Storeca below!

  • What do you learn?
    We check the weakness of the organs (Ying-Yang Five Lines) that are likely to fall in each season, and the place of examination, not only the face, but also the hands, feet, and meridians. You can easily learn the original function of organs. You will also learn about the ingredients that are suitable for each organ and the symptoms that are likely to occur. Comes with a simple dietary recipe.

  • Venue: Online (Zoom) or at a coffee shop in the 23 wards of Tokyo (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, etc. )
    We will make a decision after asking the students' wishes.
    Due to changes in the environment such as infectious diseases, we may do it online.
    If you are not in the 23 wards, we may consult with you regarding transportation costs.

  • Tuition: 5,000 yen × 5 times (25,000 yen in total 5 times)
    Payment is due in advance each time.
    Students will be responsible for the cost of eating and drinking in the coffee shop.

  • Payment method: paypal
    If you wish to pay by bank transfer or Japan Post Bank, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us using the inquiry form. In that case, the transfer fee will be borne by the student.

  • Time: about 1 times 90 minutes

  • cancellation policy
    Please contact us by e-mail or LINE by the day before.
    In case of cancellation on the day, the tuition fee will not be refunded.
    In addition, no refund will be given after taking the course. Please pardon.

    (In the case of refund by bank transfer, we apologize for the inconvenience, but the transfer fee will be borne by the student)

  • please note
    This course is, their own self-check, from the state, such as your own face, the upset of your own body to some extent, to become a Kizukeru so on your own, will be the course.
    What is your physical condition? If you want to see someone, I'm very sorry that you were interested in it, but
    please consult a doctor directly instead of this course.

▼ Please apply from the application form for reservations ▼

( Please apply at least 3 days before the course. After applying, we will adjust the implementation schedule etc. again)

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