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What is the yin-yang of brown rice? How to choose a pot you should know No.020

Our grandmother taught us how to cook rice as follows.

Low heat at first

In the middle, turn up the heat to high

Never take the lid off when the baby cries!

Cooking brown rice is no different.

At first, cook over low heat for a while.

Why is that?

Raw rice is made up of beta-starch, which is a tightly bound molecule.

When eaten as raw rice, it is difficult to digest.

We cook rice to make it into an alpha starch that we can easily digest!

The reason for cooking over low heat first is to allow the moisture to evenly penetrate the rice grains.

As water permeates the rice grains, it loosens the bonds of beta-starch.

The reason for using high heat in the middle of the process is to transfer heat to the entire rice by moving the rice grains and to remove the characteristic smell of the rice.

At about 60°C, the starch in the rice will alpha-form. To allow this to settle, do not remove the lid and wait for the rice to cook.

The yin and yang of brown rice depends on the type of pot in which the rice is cooked.

Earthenware cooks fluffy and is "chuyou".

Pressure cooker cooks the rice with a firm texture and is more yang-leaning.

Electric cooker is light and yin-leaning.

We choose the type of pot and cooking method according to the yin and yang of our physical condition.

Do we soak brown rice?

How long do we cook brown rice?

Which pot do we use to cook brown rice?

We need to know these methods and our own condition in order to take care of our health through our diet.

That is "e-yoshin"!

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In this video, you will learn how to cook basic brown rice.


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