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Let's change the way we cook! Three drawbacks of brown rice: No.326

Do you eat brown rice?

I say "yes."

It is one of the health care.

Because I have actually experienced the power of a brown rice vegetarian diet.

I often use the power of brown rice.

For example, I have a busy day at work, or a day when I have to teach a class.

On days when I want to do my best, I usually eat brown rice.

White rice is the staple food in Japan today.

When asked this question, many people answer that they do not eat it for the following reasons.

. It doesn't taste good.

∙ My family doesn't eat it.

I am not telling everyone that brown rice is good for everyone.

All things contain both, yin and yang.

If there is a front, there is also a back.

Even foods called "superfoods" have good and bad sides.

What do I need now? It is important to be able to judge what you need and what you don't need.

We pick out three drawbacks of brown rice, which is also a superfood.

1. Brown rice, like beans and nuts, contains "abscisic acid" which is also an enzyme inhibitor

2. Contains "phytic acid," which causes minerals to leave the body.

3. Cooking methods produce "acrylamide" (saccharification), a suspected carcinogen.

reference book :

I'll say it again.

What do I need now? It is important to be able to judge what you need and what you don't need.

We believe that nothing is good or bad, but has both sides.

Healthy people may not have to worry about the three drawbacks of brown rice.

But if you are eating brown rice and you still do not look well, try the following

・Soak the rice in water for a long time (8-17 hours) and replace the soaked water before cooking

・Do not use pot that reach 120°C or higher

・Excessive salt intake

・Eating brown rice for long periods of time without regard to one's constitution, physical condition, or environment.

These may possibly cause aging of the appearance, increase in gray hair, darkening of the skin, etc.

The important thing is to choose what to eat according to one's constitution and physical condition.

It does not mean that as long as you eat brown rice, you will be fine.

Don't believe too much that what someone else says or does must be the same for you.

It is important for you to find a way that works for you.

Brown rice is a super food.

I eat it often too.

But it may not be the right food for you to eat every day.

The answer is within you.



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