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[Type 0] Moderate type


I have a very well-balanced constitution.

For parents, ancestors, the environment in which they were born and raised

Thank you!

Cheerful and active, having fun every day,

Thoughts and actions should be smart.
Wake up refreshed in the morning, sleep well at night,

I wonder if there is a proper communication every day.
Don't be too overconfident in yourself

But don't worry too much

Let's try to have a well-balanced diet in this condition!


For those who know the fun of "care examination"

What you need to know in the coming era

How to check self-health

→ [Azukami course (all five times)] View details


[Consultation Online Program]

From the symptoms that appear at the ends of the body

Guess the weakness of internal organs

While learning the knowledge of home care

Get out of the "other person's axis"

For those who are trying to move on their own axis,
Even the petite work of making your own axis selected by aoki who has experienced the valley of life several times.


Currently active in New York

"Mr. Kiyomi Noda"

Invite to a guest lecturer

From the idea of ​​Kusei Kigaku

Zodiac signs and nine stars,

Learn about the moon life star

View the details of the → Azukami online program

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