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[Type 1] Tick muscle bone type


"Constitution" due to the environment of birth & childhood

It is a tick type that is closer to positive.

Judging from the movement of human constitution in life,

It is the same as the constitution of the middle age (about 30 to 45 years old).

It is a type that is energetic and often used by athletes.

I tend to like strong-tasting foods,

Sometimes it lacks stubbornness and flexibility.

Because there is a high possibility of lack of vegetables

Be careful of high blood pressure, positive constipation, and positive cystitis.

Tendency to be stubborn and inflexible.

Countermeasures differ depending on the yin and yang of the physical condition at that time,

The staple foods are "divided rice" and porridge, which are more negative than brown rice.

Noodles such as udon and pasta are good.

Moderate foods that are salty or greasy.

When cooking with fire, shorten the heating time,

However, fruit intake is also recommended.

For this type of person, it's a good idea to try "cutting salt" from time to time.


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